May 3rd 2022 – October 4th 2022. | 4 – 8pm.

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Thanks to your continued support and dedicated cruising every fair weather week with us you all helped raise over $91,000 for Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund of CNY & Humanecny!

We’ll see ya all next year!

About Us

The Maple Boyz Car Club was started in 2008 by a bunch of friends on one stretch of road who all owned classic muscle cars, cruised to the local cruise nites and shows together.

This led to the generic club name.

While membership now includes people not actually living on the road, the original name stuck.

Club meetings are held monthly during the off-season at a local diner.

Highlights include:

A yearly trip to Spring Carlisle in the club owned RV.

A Tuesday cruise nite started and run by the club at Clay Park Central.

The yearly weekend at the Syracuse Nationals.

Caravanning together to the various car shows and weekly nite spots.

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Thanks to all the cruisers continued support

We have raised over $91,000 to date for two local charities.